Monday, January 31, 2011

tiada tajuk utk entry ini

Ini bukan lagu justin bieber atau bruno mars
"the ink to my paper
where my pen is to my pad,
the moral,the very fiber,the whole substance to my rap
u r my reason for being
the meaning of my existence
if it wasn't for you,i would never be able to spit it
these sentences I do and the irony
is u rely on me as much I rely on u to inspire me like u do
u provide me the lighterfluid to fuel my fire,
u're my entire supply,gas,the match ,the igniter
the only way that I am able to stay so stable
is u're the legs to my table
if u were to break i'd fall on my face
but I'm always goin to make u feel I don't need u as much I really need u
so u don't use it to ur advantage
but u're essential to me,u'r the air I breathe
I believe if u ever leave me,I'd have no reason to be,
u're the word I am looking for when I'm trying to describe
how I feel inside and the right one just won't come to my mind"
ini eminem yang nyanyikan

semenjak dua menjak ni,bahasa aku.
kurng sopan jadinya,
yang aku kuarkan dalam medium bunyi tu satu hal,memang tak sopan
yang aku ckp sorang2 dalam hati juga satu hal,tak sopan juga

baru letih/terasa sikit dah mula tk bole fikir dengan tenang
even,senyuman pun tak bole nk dibuat dan dimaniskan..
cam ne ni?

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